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  • How long is the warranty period? 產品保固期有多久?
    All ENERGEAR new chargers carry a year limited warranty from the date of purchase. 自購買日起算一年。
  • Do ENERGEAR wall charges charge smartphones, tablets, game consoles or even laptops? 安杰爾的充電器可以充所有的智慧型手機,平板,遊戲機和筆電嗎?"
    Please contact with our customer service to make sure whether your laptops or smart phones support USB PD and what PD power profiles they support. Choose ENERGEAR chargers that support the corresponding PD power profile. Contact us: 請聯繫我們的客服來確認是否您的筆電或手機是支援USB PD的,並確認能支援多少的功率。請您依據支援的PD功率來選擇適當的充電器,客服信箱為。
  • What is PD? 什麼是PD快充?
    PD means Power Delivery, the newest charging technology and specification from USB-IF. It provides high power output up to 100W and it is widely adapted by the consumer electronic devices. PD代表Power Delivery,是一個很新的充電技術,並由USB-IF協會所制定的規範,最高可提供100瓦的功率。市面上大部分的消費性電子產品都是採用PD快充協議。
  • Why is my MacBook Pro 13”/15” having problems while charging with ENERGEAR 46W wall chargers? 為什麼我用安杰爾的46瓦充電器充我的MacBook Pro 13吋/15吋時有問題呢?
    Original accessories from Apple are including 61W/ 87W USB-C wall charger. We recommend to use ENERGEAR wall chargers with corresponding power output to charge MacBook Pro. 因為蘋果原廠的配備是61瓦/87瓦的USB-C充電器,我們建議您使用安杰爾瓦數相當的充電器來充您的MacBook Pro筆電。
  • The charger could perform high output wattage. Does it need to use a quality cable to maximize the performance? 充電器輸出時可能會有很高的瓦數,請問會需要搭配一條高品質的充電線來提高效能嗎?
    You found the right one! Our cable is equipped with E-Mark IC and able to support 5A 100W maximum. In addition, it is certified by USB-IF. 是的,會需要。我們的充電線裡面有E-Mark IC,最高支援到5A 100W。且有USB-IF協會的認證。
  • Does it work perfectly with the devices on the compatible chart? I am searching for a charger for my Nintendo Switch gaming device. 請問那張相容性表格是代表充電器可以完美支援的裝置嗎?我想知道我的任天堂Switch遊戲機是否也相容。
    We have tested all the devices on the chart with our chargers. Our charger will work with Nintendo Switch. 我們測試了那張表格上所有的裝置。我們的充電器和任天堂Switch遊戲機是相容的。
  • Is it possible to search your product from the USB-IF website? I would like to make sure if the product is certified. 在USB-IF協會官網上可以找得到你們的產品嗎?我想確認產品是有認證的。
    Please visit and click products. You may search by product TID# or our branding name, ENERGEAR. 請您到 然後按”product”。您可以用產品的TID號或是品牌名稱energear來搜尋。
  • As an international traveler, interchangeable plug is needed when traveling to different regions. Does the charger come with interchangeable plug? 我經常到世界各地出差/旅行,我很需要轉接頭,請問充電器都包含轉接頭嗎?"
    All of our wall chargers are able to use interchangeable plugs. The AC plugs can be removed and changed to different plugs. The standard product comes with the US plug. We also have the international version that comes with additional UK/AU/EU plugs. 我們所有的充電器都可以使用轉接頭。只要將AC轉接頭拔起,替換成您所需要的轉接頭即可。標準品是搭配美規的轉接頭,我們還有英規、歐規及澳規的轉接頭。
  • Why does the LED light on the power bank keep flickering though I've charged it for a long time? It seems like it hasn't been fully charged yet. 當我回充行動電源的電,充很久之後,為什麼行動電源上面的LED燈仍然在閃爍?看起來好像還沒有完全充飽的樣子?
    The LED indicator might not be completely accurate after the battery ages. However, it will be fully charged as long as you have powered it up with a 45W PD charger for 90 minutes! 因為電池會老化,所以行動電源上面的LED燈會無法完全正確的顯示電量程度。但如果您用45W PD充電器去充這個行動電源90分鐘後,就會將行動電源完全充飽電了。
  • After updating my laptop, I charged it with your wall charger and found it switched to different modes. Why is that? 當我升級我的筆電後,我用你們的充電器充電,發現筆電會切換到不同的模式,為什麼會這樣呢?"
    This situation is caused by the update of the computer. It will not affect the function of the wall charger and do any damage to your laptop. Just follow the user’s manual to charge your laptop and it will be fully charged. 會發生這情況是因為您升級/更新了您的筆電。但它不會影響充電器的功能,且也不會對筆電造成任何的傷害。只要依循說明書的操作,便可以將筆電完全充飽電。
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