Q1: What’s the different among PD, Type-C and QC chargers?

Answer:All of them use Type-C receptacles for charging, please select correct logo when you need USB-C ™ PD charger.(As this picture.)

Q2: Would output power of charger be affected if not use the ENERGEAR cables?

Answer: Please confirm that the USB-C ™ cable you use is supporting over 3A electric current. There are some cables in the market couldn’t support over 3A electric current, therefore, laptops would show lower charging power (Watts) possibly. ENERGEAR cables were certified by USB-IF and with Built-in recognition IC. Non-certified cables couldn’t support 5A current.

Q3: How to use my ENERGEAR charger?

Answer: All ENERGEAR chargers come with at least one built-in USB port. You only have to use the original USB-C charging cable or your own cables to charge.

Q4: How to find out the input power requirement from my notebooks, smart phones, or tablets?

Answer:You may check the label on the body of notebooks, smart phones or tablets. There should be a label or marking to show the input power and current requirements. The number of watts is equal to amps multiplied by volts. (For examples, if the current is 3.42 amps (A) and the voltage is 19V. The formula is P=3.42A X 19V = 65 W.)

Q5: How long is the Warranty period?

Answer: All ENERGEAR new chargers carry a year limited warranty from the date of purchase.

Q6: Why is my MacBook Pro 13”/15” having problems while charging with ENERGEAR 46W wall chargers?

Answer:Original accessories from Apple are including 61W/ 87W USB-C wall charger. We recommend to use ENERGEAR wall chargers with corresponding power output to charge MacBook Pro.

Q7: Can I use ENERGEAR low power chargers to charge my high power devices?

Answer:Most of devices might be unable to charge due to the large range of output. Some devices are still able to be charged under power save mode.

Q8: Why the USB charger is getting hot while charging?

Answer:The charger might be getting hot while charging. However, ENERGEAR chargers have its own built-in overheat protection to keep you safe.

Q9: Is there any problems with noise while charging?

Answer:On certain frequency, you may notice some noise while charging, but there’s no safety concern. You may use at ease.

Q10:Can I charge my laptop with ENERGEAR car charger?

Answer: Because the car voltage smaller, it is recommended that the rechargeable devices to smart phones, tablets… Such as device. Due to the low power will likely cannot help laptop charging status, this is a normal phenomenon.

Q11:Do ENERGEAR wall charges charge smart phones, tablets, game consoles or even laptops?

Answer:Please contact with our store staff or customer service center to make sure whether your laptops or smart phones support USB PD and what PD power profiles they support. Choose ENERGEAR chargers that support the corresponding PD power profile.